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Light Codex is a playful platform based on the concept of divine timing. Find manifestation and healing games, divinely timed advice, and instant readings. All done by you and the multiverse, no other intervention is occurring. Bringing you healing with the utmost neutrality and fun!

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Find free guidance, assistance, healing and hundreds of high vibrational messages delivered straight from the higher realms. Healing messages are constantly updated. The right message for you will show up at the right moment. Enjoy the timing of the multiverse!

Find over 20+ free spiritual games around manifestation and vibration callibration. These games help you explore how you personally manifest. They help you understand when you resist and when you don’t. Games are not meant to challenge you. Just have fun with it!

Find absolutely free psychic instantaneous readings, fortune telling, card dealing, all done by you and you only. No interference whatsoever! Only you and the divine timing of the multiverse. Our readings  are meant to make your life better not worse. Have fun with your readings!

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We Are Powered By Your Contribution

Our platform is absolutely free of charge, with no paid services, no subscriptions and no trials. Ads are our new way of making revenue to maintain the website. We want our messages, playful healing and spiritual growth tools to be accessible to all, everywhere and therefore we believe in contribution-based support in order to be able to maintain the servers and the website, and hopefully become ad-free. If you want to support us, you can enjoy our art, affirmation cards, or via donations.

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