Light Codex

Light Codex

Source, also known as divine consciousness, is the innate infinite aspect that resides within all beings. It is eternal, infinite, unconditionally loving and all knowing. It is the inner compass that lets you know you are supposed to be loved, celebrated, cheered for. Most humans are not tapping into their Source aspect consciously. It is divine consciousness that knows all, conspires all, loves all, and thrives for expansion. There are no particular words that are “enough” to explain it in plain and simple words. It is “home” and beyond that as well.

Your vibration decides your physical experiences, mental experiences and emotional experiences. It is primarly motivated by thought. The better your thought quality, the higher your vibration and the better your experiences are, for you indulge in thoughts that are closer to the Source perspective of things. The lower your thought quality is, the worse your experiences are.
Vibration rules everything, coordinates and conspires meetings, problems or their disappearance. For example the vibrations of fear, worry and despair are low vibrations. The vibrations of Love, peace, and self-acceptance are higher vibrations.

Manifestation is the process of creation through vibration, defined by your thoughts, what you know as truth, what you are expecting, and what you are intending. Manifestation is fueled by thought, anticipation and imagination. For example, you imagine a red flower and after a couple blocks you find the red flower. This isn’t a coincidence. This is manifestation. You have manifested the red flower. There is no coincidence. This is good news for it means you can take charge of your life and manifest what you want.

When you find that you are struggling with any aspect of life, inner work can help you feel a lot better as it sheds the light on the hidden programming inside you, the trauma, the unprocessed pain or bad thought addictions that need remedy. By taking your inner work seriously, you are able to free yourself on so many levels.

A program or programming, is an automatic way of thinking, being and operating that someone indulges in unconsciously. It can happen for a variety of reasons such as childhood trauma, trauma from bad experiences, societal conditioning, negatively oriented surroundings, etc. They are a type of knee-jerk reactions that can cause low vibrations. Inner work for example, can help you expose your own programming.

Divine Timing is the “perfect” timing or the time at which you rendez-vous with an event. It is divine for it happens for a reason and that reason is vibration. It can seem like a perfect coincidence.

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